Slouchy to Mid-Century Mod Armchair!

jennylund hack6
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IKEA items used:
Two IKEA Jennylund armchairs and two white IKEA Jennylund slipcovers.


When our slipcovers started losing their proper fit, (lots of use plus lots of washing), I decided to amp up the style in our living room by reworking our Jennylund chairs! They’re not bad looking chairs underneath those slipcovers! I’d been eyeing loads of mid-century modern armchairs for over a year, but wasn’t finding anything remotely close to our very small budget. So I took matters into my own hands!

STEP 1: Dying the slipcovers – Originally, I was going to buy two slipcovers from Bemz in Silver Grey, but the total with shipping was still over our budget. So I took my Silver Grey fabric swatch, (Bemz will send you 5 for free), to JoAnns and ended up mixing two different Rit fabric dye colors, (Tan and Pearl Grey), to match my fabric swatch.

Jennylund hack2

Jennylund hack1

STEP 2: Once the slipcovers are dyed, dried and placed back on the chairs, tip the chairs back and remove the legs. Once the legs are off, gently pull the skirt of the slipcover underneath the bottom edge of the chair, and use a staplegun to attach the fabric to the underside. After stapling the fabric all the way around the underside of the chair, use a pair of scissors to remove the excess fabric.

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STEP 3: Attach the new legs! I used 8″ legs and coordinating top plates, both found at, (and these legs are even more secure than the original legs the chairs came with).

jennylund hack9

STEP 4: Enjoy your new mid-century modern armchairs!

Total cost per chair makeover: $30, (cost comes from the legs since my only other supply was fabric dye, which is ~$2 per box)

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