BILLY grows along the wall

Materials: BILLY, BENNO, PAX

16 years ago we started with three BILLY shelves birch (60 cm) across corners (right). Since than many, many books, CD and as last DVD have been added. Therefore very soon more space with top shelves had to be added. The CDs, which some ten years ago had found place in BENNO have moved – into the cloud.
In general our wall shelf has grown from right to left.


Together with the BENNO an additional 60 cm BILLY was added, which was elegant connected with a 80 cm top shelf.

02_first extension
03_first part

As next followed in the left corner of the room, the semi-high corner shelf and the right half-height 60 cm element. Between them stood framed in the antique sofa.

Then CD and DVD began to share the BENNO. This left an intermediate shelf left, in which – as made for it – our internet radio perfectly fits in.


Then the flat screen TV came into the house and demanded a complete redesign:

1. Left into the corner a BILLY came as an attachment to the corner shelf.

04_left corner

Therefore the bottom part was cut off. It was necessary that the side walls had to be about 2 mm at different heights in order to compensate the difference in height at the corner shelf.


To the alignment the top shelf was raised slightly: instead of the usual metal pins I have taken PAX brackets. So the shelves fit perfectly into a row.


The lower back wall have of the top rack needed a stabilisation: A bar takes cut from the shelves in a groove in the backplane, and provides a stable connection of the side walls.

2. Behind the sofa a self-built installation wall has come. The construction is in two parts: base and top. The construction of chipboard is planked forward with plasterboard and painted like the walls in the room. The top wall behind the TV is in white, so that the Ambilight is reflected colorfast. The loudspeakers of the stereo system are precisely admitted into the socket (you can see one of them in the first picture left hand side behind the sofa.)

The height of the base and cap is based on the middle and upper shelf of BILLY. It was important for the alignment. To find this, a suitable large board in birch veneer was the biggest hurdle. For that I have checked in the IKEA exhibition various pieces of furniture in birch veneer. In the end, it was suddenly very simple: A door leaf birch PAX!

10_top shelf

A carpenter has sliced it and divided it longitudinally: 1x width BENNO for the alignment of the socket and 1x BILLY width for the cap. A long narrow section left from center. For this was a good use: I placed it against the wall: So the books do not bump against the wall.

One idea is for this not yet implemented: In this edge a LED strip could to be glued, then behind the books gives indirect lighting.

3. Two BENNO – halved – right and left support the front line the attachment forward.


Instead of three connections of the side parts were two per section required. From the BILLY remains I have cut an additional board. Drill holes for fasteners and dowels had to be reset so that four equal-sized shelves of about 22 cm height originated.