Items used:

  • 1x NORNÄS – Chest of 4 drawers (Article Number : 002.822.31)
  • 2x KALLAX – Insert with door, black-brown (Article Number : 602.781.70)
  • 4 pairs of Accuride Full Extension Drawer Slides
  • V33 lak ‘Meubel Deco’ mat mahonie 500 ml (varnish)

nornas hack-8

I found the NORNÄS Chest with 4 drawers at IKEA and after a bit of measuring I found out that the drawers were the perfect size for storing my CD’s, DVD’s and Bluray’s.

The 2 square compartments are perfect for storing my LP’s.

I didn’t like the “bare wood” look, so I decided to paint the chest with V33 ( Mahagony color ).

IKEA nornas chest

As for the drawers…
with the slides that IKEA provided, the drawer didn’t open the entire way
so I couldn’t fill the entire drawer space, (You can always fill the entire space, but because the drawer doesn’t fully open, you can’t reach things that are in the rear of the drawer, so you would have to unload the entire drawer to reach the rear of the drawer)

So I bought 4 pairs of new Full Extension Drawer Slides from Accuride. Now the drawer opens entirely, so I can reach all my CD’s/DVD’s/Bluray’s.


full extension drawer slides

The legs of the chest are 15cm high. I wanted to lower the chest for stability and because I want to hang a TV above the chest. So instead of vertical, the same legs were used in horizontal position.

I needed to shorten the long front and back pieces and I also needed to drill new holes in the legs so that I could use the original bolts to secure them.

The side pieces were untouched and were secured with the bolts in the newly drilled holes.

lowered the chest

Legs used in horizontal instead of vertical position

Legs used in horizontal instead of vertical position

Also when I was in IKEA I saw the Kallax series, which has different inserts, like a door or drawers.

I measured the doors and they were a perfect fit for my NORNÄS chest.

You can’t be 100% sure that it fits, but in the end I was glad they did !!

KALLAX door insert



So to recap :

1)      Painted in Mahagony color varnish

2)      Installed some new drawer slides

3)      Altered the legs of the chest

4)      Installed the Kallax Door Inserts

~ by Ilja