DIY decoupage on IKEA Lack table

IKEA Hack - Lack Side Table transformed with Glossy Magazine Squares & DIY Decoupage

Materials: LACK side table

We took a plain white IKEA Lack side Table, which cost the grand old total of €6. Mine was damaged with bumps and spilled nailpolish, so rather than dump it we made it into somewhere super cheerful to sit at.

Watery glue or wallpaper paste (both available in Euro Shops for approx. €2), paper scraps and the patience to glue with sticky fingers are all you need. There are more instructions for simple DIY decoupage on our blog and plenty of inspiration on how and what you can decorate with decoupage.

To make our colorful IKEA Lack table, you just mix up some wallpaper paste per the instructions (or use non toxic glue watered down 2:1 with water if kids are involved in the craft), chop up some colourful magazine pages or wrapping paper into equal size squares and glue them onto the table’s clean and dry surface.

To make the patchwork effect, we cut up equal (or more or less similarly sized) magazine pages into squares which fit each side of the legs and sides of the table which was approx. 5cm. I have no idea how many squares were needed to cover the table all over, but the handy thing about using recycled materials like glossy magazines is that there is always plenty about.

Once the square patches were all glued on, they were left to stick and dry.

As my IKEA Lack table was going to be used for the kids, I sealed the decoration with some clear varnish so it’d be waterproof against kiddie spills.  Once dry, it was ready for a road test.. or snack test in our case.

Kids love something colorful, especially if its from a craft that they get to help make. It’s become a firm favorite among my girls as the snack and art table. Moreover, its so lovely to see the enjoyment derived from materials that it didn’t cost the earth. DIY Decoupage IKEA Hack on Lack Side Table
before and after DIY Decoupage IKEA HACK on Lack Side Table

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