Ikea+Lego Entryway Key Shelf

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-1

Basic materials you will need: RIBBA photolLedge, LEGOs, Epoxy, ruler, pencil, masking tape, key chain ring, and a drill.

Measure how far from the edge you want the Legos to be glued and tape that section to align the LEGOs perfectly.

Arrange the LEGOs in the pattern you would like to glue them in. Mark the distances on the masking tape.

Apply Epoxy to the back of LEGOs and attach them to the photo ledge.

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-4 Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-9 Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-12 Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-14 Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-15

Drill a hole in the LEGO cube that will be used as your keychain. Attach the key ring.

Wait 24 hours for Epoxy to cure and you have an easy and awesome way to manage your keys!

For a detailed look of the project visit my blog.