Trademark Talks: Let’s settle this face to face


It’s been a while since my last update on the trademark dispute with IKEA. After the call, there were several more and on one of those calls, I was asked whether I would like to come over to discuss the matter face-to-face. And at the same time, visit IKEA Sweden and the IKEA Concept Center in Delft, The Netherlands.

“Is the sky blue?”
“Is my mother a woman?”

Yes! Yes! I could hardly stop myself from squealing.

After a few weeks of deciding on dates and flight arrangements, my trip is confirmed.

On my arrival, I will be visiting Älmhult, the birthplace of IKEA. I have heard much about Älmhult and am excited to see what goes on behind the scenes. The next day, I will head towards Delft to visit the IKEA Concept Center which is essentially a hands-on environment to test the IKEA experience.

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