Back-to-Back Lillangens with double sink


Materials: Lillangen Sink 702.071.44, Dioder LED lights 201.194.18, Capita Legs 200.495.38, Lansa Handles 601.387.59, Integral Hinges 501.323.76, dampers 801.262.13, Limnmon Table Top 002.513.38, Grundtal Towel Racks x 6

To better fit my kids’ bathroom space yet incorporate a double sink in a remodel, I installed two narrow Lillangens back-to-back. I set them on a Limnmon Table Top (requiring excavating for plumbing.) I wasn’t able to find a set of IKEA cabinets that I could assemble into a three-sided cabinet of this size, so I built a simple one using IKEA hardware. I also constructed a mirror ala Molger mirror and incorporating Dioder LED lighting.

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