Bekväm Baby changing fitness center

baby changing fitness center

Materials: 1 Grundtal rail, 2 Bekväm step stools

When our baby became really mobile at about 7 months, we could no longer change his diapers on the changing table. He crawls, turns and stands up – too dangerous, he could fall down and hurt himself severely. So we created a changing place on the floor.

Screw a 59cm Grundtal rail onto the upper boards of two Bekväm step stools. The rail should be placed towards one side of the stools and the stools’ steps go outwards. Then you can place your usual changing mat between the stools and the whole construction against the wall.

The baby can now stand up between the stools, hold the upper boards or the rail, and you can change the diaper without risk of falling. Place fresh diapers, washcloths, baby oil etc. on the lower rails, which are harder for baby to reach. You can also use the space below the stools to place the diaper bucket, toys or whatever distracts your baby.

We added some more fun to the fitness center by hanging some little toys from the rail. To store diapers, bottles, and other things he mustn’t reach, we fixed another rail on the wall above the changing place and hung plastic buckets from it. Another Grundtal rail or clothes hooks will do the job.

Have fun with your new baby changing fitness center!