Expedit Preschool Children’s Table + Shelving

ikea hack 2

Materials: Expedit 4×8 shelving unit + desk add on

There’s a plethora of Expedit shelving and desk add ons available on craigslist, but none of it would work for my preschool classroom. So I took a desk add on, cut it down to size (the folks at home depot did this cut for me for free! A big shout out thank you to them!!), and attached it while the shelving unit was laying lengthwise down. I put out a set of chair cushions I got at a yard sale for $1 each and the children enjoyed getting to sit on the floor while coloring. Some would bring over chairs, if they felt like it. It worked perfectly as an art / writing area!

ikea hack 1

It’s a simple hack, but it really made all the difference in making shelving AND table space available in my preschool classroom on a budget I could afford.  I am posting it in case someone else out there is thinking about trying it too.



Jules Yap