How to use Godmorgon cabs with non-Ikea wash basins

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Godmorgon and no-Ikea wash basins

At first glance it seems a normal Godmorgon-cabinet. At second glance you notice the basin. It is NOT from Ikea – and there are problems. Ikea uses a special basin design, which are situated on top of the cabinet and water drain is next to the wall, but in most houses you can find another type, the basin is fixed to the wall and the drain exits the basin in the middle. So Godmorgons drawer collides with the tube.

The basin of the house has to be rectangular, many of modern ones are like this. When you buy a Godmorgon it is important that it is more narrow than the basin, and the depth of the basin must be a little more than Godmorgons 48 cm. It is easy to cut out a rectangular hole in the drawer, even the railing can be used. I fastened the cabinet to the wall, and let a gap of about 2cm between Godmorgon and basin.

It worked great.

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