IKEA hack for kids: Make a BOLMEN funny face

I live in Sweden and if you live in Sweden and have kids you probably also have an IKEA BOLMEN step stool in your bathroom or somewhere in your house. So do I, and after many years sitting in the bathroom, staring at the step stool I’ve been thinking that it looks like a face.

One day I decided to have some fun with the kids. So I made two eyes and a tongue out of paper and attached it to the inside of the stool.

IKEA BOLMEN step stool with funny face

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The kids loved it so I decided to make a 3D printable version.

IKEA items used: 
Other materials and tools:
  • 3D-printer, or
  • Paper and crayons 

IKEA BOLMEN step stool with funny face  

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Make the eyes and tongue with paper and color.
eyes and tongue

2. Print the parts and assemble according to the video below. Stick it on the inside of the BOLMEN step stool using double sided tape.

IKEA BOLMEN step stool with eyes and tongue

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You can still use push your fingers through the carry holes.

poke the eye

Watch the video below for the complete instructions.

Download the .stl files.

~ by Fredrik 

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