LEGO table for 4

lego table1

1m x 1m MDF, 12mm thickness
4 lego mats (30cm x 30cm)
1 Ikea LACK coffee table
1 Ikea VESSLA container and lid
250ml undercoat paint (white)
500ml gloss enamel paint (red)
craft glue
4 Bolts: 3/16 x 75mm
4 nuts to match bolt
4 mudflap washers

The short instructions:
1. Cut the MDF to the shape of the table top. Sand, prime and paint.
2. Cut a square hole in the middle of the MDF to fit the VESSLA container. The container goes through the MDF top and LACK coffee table, so you would want to ensure that the cuts are accurate for both the board and coffee table.
3. Remove the sides of the plastic VESSLA container so that it can sit flush to the table.
4. Assemble LACK coffee table as per Ikea instructions, and place container into the cutout. Place red MDF tabletop into place on the LACK table. Then measure diagonally 15mm from the cutout corners and drill holes. These holes will need to go through the coffee table and will be where we screw the whole table together.
5. Glue the LEGO mats on
6. Play!

See the full tutorial here.

Jules Yap