Hackers Help: Hinges on PAX Sliding Doors?

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Pax Sliding Door Wardrobe Frame and Doors

Hi all!
I have a space that will fit half a PAX sliding door wardrobe. Every 59 inch wide PAX sliding door wardrobe come with 2 29 inch boxes that combined make a 59 inch one. This setup holds the 2 sliding doors.

According to my space, I want to take just one of those 29 inch boxes and use just one of the two sliding doors. This would require making the doors hinged.

Is this in any way possible?
If so, is it only possible on the particle board doors or can it somehow be managed with the glass options (SEKKEN/AULI) as well?

Any help is ever so greatly appreciated!!!

Jules Yap