Knuff Dice Tower

dice tower 6

I’ve been wanting to make a dice tower for our family for a long time. It can prove useful when one plays boardgames that include loads of dice. But I needed a simple design and the examples I saw on the web were very creative and amazing …well out of my league!

I finally managed to use the fact that the Knuff magazine files fit into one another to make a dice tower with:
– 1 set of 2 Knuff magazine files
– double sided tape and/or glue.
– felt

If you feel like making one, you’ll need also : a fine saw, a drill, a cutter, sandpaper.

dice tower 1

1 – First draw the lines according to the picture and use a saw to make the main pieces with will be the tower itself and the 2 bits that will become the slopes for the dice to tumble on.

dice tower 2

2 – In the narrow part of the tower, using a drill, form a “gate” for the dice to tumble out of. Then use a knife or cutter and sandpaper to make the opening.

dice tower 3

3 – remove one side of each slope for them to fit into the narrow file. In what’s left of plywood, make also a 9×7,5cm rectangle that you’ll use to extend the small slope (you don’t want your dice to directly drop to the bottom slope). You should now have 5 pieces, as shown above.

dice tower 4

4 – Use glue to assemble the different parts into the tower : the biggest slope at the bottom, descending towards the “gate”. The shortest should be placed in the opposite direction, to form a zigzag. Then glue the rectangle on top of the top slope.

dice tower 5

5 – Now, to diminish the noise of tumbling dice,  you just need to cover everything with felt or any other fabric which would have the same effect. And assemble the tower.

dice tower 6

If you feel creative, plywood will make it pretty easy to decorate the outside of  the tower with, for example, medieval designs or anything coming from your favourite game design. You’ll find amazing ideas on the web.

dice tower 7

Knuff makes the tower pretty easy to store as well ;).