Lofted kids bed for a small space


Materials: Malm 6 drawer dresser and both are placed on a Renate rug, Ovre bed

We have 3 kids and since 2 already share a room our third was fit into a fairly small room (7×8). Since floor space is at a premium in her room we needed a way to loft a bed for her and also find a bed that could be fit into the space. Since we could not fit a regular twin in her room we needed to look at a European kids single which is 63″ in length.

This was a pretty easy hack and which only required a few modifications to the original designs of the products. Essentially you are flipping the bed upside down and placing it over the dresser.

1. Build the Malm dresser as you ordinarily would.

2. Build the Ovre bed, starting with the head and foot end. Stop before starting the bed rails.

3. Build the side bed rails but do not insert them into the foot/head ends. Keep in mind that the rails are going to be inserted upside down from the original instructions.

4. On the foot and head ends there will be 2 oval slots with a pre-drilled hole on each end. These ovals are where the bed rails would be inserted. Since the rails are going to be inserted upside down the holes in the frame will no longer align with the holes in the rails. All you need to do is drill another hole in each oval. You need to use a 1/4″ drill bit and drill the hole 2 2/8″ from the bottom of the ovals on the head and foot ends. The hole will be on the opposite end from the pre-drilled hole.

5. Complete building the bed upside down.

6. Take the now upside down and place it over the Malm dresser.

7. I wanted to add some structural support so I installed 2- 30″(originally 3/4″x 8′ pre-finished pine boards from Home Depot) boards horizontally on the foot and head ends.

8. Not shown in the photo, but we also added a bed rail. We also chose to leave the feet on instead of cutting them off so that they can be used to get in and out of bed.