Sisal rug cat climber from OSTED rug


Materials: BERTIL chair pad, EKBY VALTER shelf brackets in birch, KASTANJENÖT bowl, OSTED rug

I made this for my cat Daphne in an attempt to catify our lounge. I stuck the Ikea Osted rug to the pillar next to our balcony door using Velcro brand heavy duty stick on tape along the top and bottom ends of the rug. Unfortunately this didn’t stick well to the fabric so I used No More Nails to stick the Velcro tape to the rug. The rug is made out of sisal which is easier than carpet for cats to climb as the fibres run horizontally as well as vertically and there are no loops for her claws to get snagged on.

The 93.5 x12.5cm pine shelf (which I got elsewhere) fits perfectly between the runners of the Kastanjenot basket. I painted the shelf grey and secured the basket to it with some grey string as shown in the pictures. The shelf is supported by the Ekby brackets which are screwed firmly into the walls and to the shelf itself.

rsz_img_20140916_172225855 rsz_img_20140916_174751124

I was planning on putting another shelf along the wall a little way beneath the basket to help Daphne get down but she seems happy enough jumping onto the small cat tower you see below.

To complete the piece, I used the Bertil chair pad inside the bowl as it fits perfectly. Daphne seems to really love scampering up the rug and she spends much of her time sitting in her basket watching the world go by both on the inside and on the outside.