A collapsible Expedit desk for 2 people


Materials: 2 legs, 4 hinges (Leroy Merlin), Expedit, Kallax wheels, Variera bags storage

I kept unused Expedit parts from my previous “Expedit rolls too vertically” hack, and wanted to build a convertible computer-desk small enough to pack it when I don’t use in to a 60x70cm space behind a column (you can see it in the pictures).

collage_building collage_building2

As you can see in the step-by-step collage all the work consists in assembling all parts with glue, or screws, included the legs supports an the hinges.

The final trick was to fix (with screws because of the legs weight) a Variera Bag storage to put the legs in when I pack the desk and also to unify and hide all the electric cables in a multiple plug.