No lack of Lack: Storage & Media Unit

We were unable to capture the entire unit because we could not get far enough away

Ikea items used:
2 x Lack Side Table (€25,- each)
1 x Lack TV Bench (€50, -)
1 x Old Ikea Bookcase (75cm wide, 180 high, 30 deep)
2 x Virserum (€10,- each)
12 x Ekby Stodis (€0,40 each)

Other items:
1 x Particle Board – Black (€18,-)

Overall estimated cost: €200,-

Measurements: 148cm wide, 190 cm high, 55 (bottom) and 26 cm (top) deep.

Here you can see the shelving and media part of the unit.

Hello! After discovering this site when figuring someone must have come up with the idea to modify IKEA furniture a while back when planning this project, I figure it is time to upload the results.

I was thinking of a way to maximize the use of floor space in my girlfriend’s room. Now, she has a keyboard/piano, a love for books and also loves to play games. However, this was all taking up a lot of space. So after seeing this hack, I thought of a way to make it work. A slide out piano, a TV, plus books and consoles plus extra storage in cabinets all in one. Plus, it also functions as a desk!I assembled the LACK Side Tables (on wheels) as normal, only flipped one side, so the outside has the veneer. I put them on their side. For doors I used the photo frames, hanging on piano hinges. This gives the added benefit that you can change and have whatever you want behind the glass in the door. I painted the passepartout black, so it would fit in more.

Here you can see the lack tv unit, side tables and the photo frames.

I then assembled the top and side parts of the Lack TV Bench. I left out the legs (these will be used to support the middle of the TV bench further), and screwed the bottom on to the Side Tables with the included screws. Currently, the top and bottom part of the TV Bench are held together using only dowels. This will be improved in the future, when we have the rails in.

On top of that, I used the bookcase she already had (which is long discontinued, comparable to BILLY with more deco). I had the pieces sawn at my local do-it-yourself store.

I used the LACK floating shelves (110cm) at either end to keep the fat wood look. To close it off on top I used some particle board I also bought at the same DIY store.

I then used the EKBY STODIS console to attach the floating shelves to the particle board of the bookcase. I reattached the old backing on the bookcase (the bookcase was still the same width), and screwed on a board over the entire width of the cabinet to attach the desk part to the bookcase part. One more board was screwed behind the backing to attach the tv to (we had it mounted to the wall before).

We are both very happy with the result and are currently working on a second project (desk). Maybe more in the works :). Thanks for the inspiration!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

~ Rhaenon