I turned ANTONIUS the drying rack from IKEA into DreamCATcher the cat bed by simply removing the metal rungs to hang laundry on, adding some fabric and fixing the consoles.


  • Large pliers or preferably a metal saw

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine or some patience and a needle


  • ANTONIUS, drying rack from IKEA

  • 70×78 cm of fabric (I used a fleece blanket from IKEA)

  • Sewing thread

  • 2 x short but not too thin screws

  • White paint to cover up if any color is scuffed off (Optional)

Assembly instructions (See picture for every step)

  1. Cut or saw all metal rungs in the middle.

  2. Bend the rungs upwards one by one until they come off from the frame leaving small holes.

  3. There should now be one hole on each side of the frame for every rung.

  4. Cut the fabric into a 70×78 cm rectangle and hem the long sides (fold in about 1.5 cm on each side, I did a single fold and sew). The fabric rectangle with two hemmed sides should now be about 67×78 cm.

  5. Fold the fabric with the front side on the inside and the uglier backside facing out. Make a simple seam alongside the non-hemmed sides so you end up with a “fabric tunnel” with both openings hemmed.

  6. Turn the “fabric tunnel” outside in so the ugly backside ends up on the inside and the front side is facing outwards.

  7. Put the fabric tunnel over the frame.

  8. Insert one screw into one of the small holes on each side of the frame and put the consoles in place.

  9. Voila you’re done! Now you need to put your DreamCATcher in a suitable place just as one would with the original ANTONIUS drying rack. I put mine over a radiator so my cat will be warm and cozy but make sure that your radiator cannot cause the fabric to catch fire. We do not want them kitties to be too hot!


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