Cat Cave Insert for Expedit/Kallax

I’d like to show you my cat cave insert for Expedit/Kallax.

Materials needed for one cave:

  • 6 mdf sheets each
  • 2x Front/Back – 33,5×33,5cm
  • 2x sides – 31,5×31,5cm
  • 3x top/bottom – 33,5x 31,5cm
  • wood glue or screws
  • coloring of your choice
  • 5 pieces of carpet/fake fur, … – 31,5×31,5cm
  • double sided adhesive tape

Assemble the wooden box. I’ve learned that glueing the MDF sheets together is more than sufficient, screws are not necessary.
Use a jig saw to create an entrance in the shape of your choice.

Make sure that there are no sharp edges with sand paper, files or a dremel.

I’ve experimented a bit but our cats like the big round entrances most.

Cat Cave Insert for Expedit/Kallax

cat cave

Based on your use case you may either want to color all sides of the box or just the front.
Coloring is up to you.

Finally glue in the carpet/fake fur with double-sided adhesive tape.

Cat Cave Insert for Expedit/Kallax

Cat Cave Insert for Expedit/Kallax

He seems to like it. 🙂

The inserts fit both Expedit and Kallax.

~ René Fleischhammel