From bed slats to coffee table to bookcase

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I love the pine wood slat from IKEA … it is very naturally beautiful. I got a new bed, so, I decided to transform the old IKEA bed with beautiful slat to something useful. Well, here we are – from slat to coffee table to bookcase.

1. Cut the strings attached to each slat
2. Stack each of the slat to get some ideas
3. Ideas confirm. Then I screwed each of the slat by just using L brackets and screws. I did not use nails because it would be easier for me to dismantle and do some other design if i’m bored with the existing design. 🙂
4. Then I put the castors which is from IKEA also so that it can move easily.
5. I stained it using IKEA stain in antique finish.
6. Tadda! It’s finished. Well, not finish yet .. .after I got bored, I tranformed it to into a bookcase. ok…finish…