woo! a cath kidston skruvsta chair

yvonne from netherlands, who runs the amazing yvestown blog sent me two hacks. and they are GORGEOUS, major gorgeous.

the first is the skruvsta swivel chair, which has a nice shape but hardly inspiring fabric. with yvonne, it didn’t stay that way.

skruvstashe writes, “it’s in cath kidston fabric. this way it suits my interior. the red fabric of the original chair is still under it so i can have it both ways. the slipcover is machine washable. so, great for pets and kids.

i made two covers, one in a cheap plain white sheet fabric to fit, pulled it apart and cut the flowery fabric using the white fabric pattern i made. then i stitched the white fabric and the flowery fabric together (to protect the red of the chair shining through the new cover) and that’s it. i can wash it, make another cover for when i get sick of the flowers and it’s matching my interior.” link.