Gift idea: Personalized Lantern

ikea hack borrby

You will need:
– Borrby latern
– White paper
– Printer
– Scissors
– Spray glue
– (olive) oil
– Brush

Make an personal present for someone you love.
For instance for a special occasion.
I made one for my brother and sister in law for their 40th marriage anniversary.

You can by the Borrby Latern is two colours: black or white.
Chose your own.
I used the black one.

1. Remove the glass plates by unfolding the little pins.
There are 3 plates of 16 x 13 cm and one plate of 15 x 11 cm.

2. Choose some nice pictures.
Make two table cells in Word with the size of the plates.
Place the pictures in these table cells and scale them to the right size.

3. Print the pictures.
I prefer black and white but you can also choose colour.
I used normal print paper.
If you want you cab use old look paper.

4. Cut the prints at the same size as the glass plates.

5. Take some (olive) cooking oil and a brush and paint all the 4 prints with the oil.
Let it dry.

6. Spray the pictures on the back with spray glue and glue them on the OUTSIDE of the glass plates.

7. Put the glass plates back and refold the little pins inside.

8. Put a candle or LED light in the lantern.
Because you have glued the pictures on the outside of the glass it is safe to do so. 🙂

Jules Yap