Hackers Help: KALLAX desk with Micke add on?


Materials: kallax 2 x 4X Kallax desk combination, Linnmon connection fittings, LINNMON table topX MICKE Add-on-Unit

Hi guys,

I’m hoping to combine a few of my favorite ikea pieces into a desk with storage.

The plan is to assemble the Kallax desk combination (pictured), but instead of attaching the 2 legs, to attach the desk to another Kallax.

I’m wondering if the Kallax are strong enough to support a desk without legs?
I’ve seen the same question asked about the Expedit, any experience with either is appreciated!

I’d then like to attach a Micke add-on unit to the back of the desk, but I’m not sure if this is possible. Is the Linnmon table top similar to a Micke desk? Or will it decompose at the sight of a bradawl?

My alternative is to lose the Micke add-on, and to attach Kallax along the back of the desk too, for even more storage and support. I think this is a more sensible plan…but the add-on looks so handy.

Many thanks for your help (:


Jules Yap