DIY veneer lamp shade to light your thanksgiving table

Here’s a lantern hack which is just perfect above a Thanksgiving table. Cristina bought these REGOLIT paper lamp shades a long time ago but changed her mind about using them in her daughter’s room. She dusted them off and made them into a veneer lamp shade.

With the wood accents the paper lanterns bring the right mood to her Thanksgiving centerpiece.

DIY veneer lamp shade IKEA Hack

DIY veneer lamp shade:

1. Get a pack or two of wood veneer edge banding in the color you prefer. If the wood isn’t dark enough, apply a few coats of stain on the veneer.
2. Glue the wood veneer strips onto the paper lantern with a hot glue gun, going with vertical and horizontal lines. They do not need to align perfectly and some asymmetry will make the lamp look like a natural woven lamp.
3. When the veneer has adhered, remove the original paper shade off the frame. It takes some work though getting the bits off.
4. The remaining horizontal lines were cut in small pieces gluing both ends to the verticals, one by one.
5. Assemble the light fixture like a regular lamp shade.

Hang your DIY veneer lamp shade above your dining table or anywhere you fancy.

See the REGOLIT lantern hack here.

Jules Yap