IKEA “KOPPLA” Hack – get your cables of the floor

I got tired of getting tangled in the cables under my working desk. Every accessory has there own power cable and the power strip outlets are to few, or as for me always removing the laptop charger to bring with me. Banging my head in the table to many times ignites some creativity.

I designed a table bracket for IKEA “KOPPLA” power strip, to make it possible to lift cables of the floor and make them reachable without bending my knees.

KOPPLA bracket attached to table

I measured the IKEA KOPPLA power strip and made a 3D model in a CAD software and designed the end brackets, which were exported for printing with a 3D-printer. The brackets were printed over night and tried for size the next morning which gladly worked at the first try. The brackets has mounting holes to be able to screw it to the bottom of the table.

KOPPLA button side bracket

KOPPLA button side bracket

Four screws later my brackets were mounted to the table and bending my knees is just a distant memory.

KOPPLA brackets mounted and in use

Customizing my home will probably turn in to my biggest hobby. If your interested of the 3D models of the brackets are they located here (link no longer available).