Stairs and hanging bamboo plates for boat

Materials: Capita

Description: Things for boats cost a fortune and as we are rebuilding an old boat to live in so we needed to come up with creative solutions.

The new stair is built from Ikea’s Capita brackets and hard wood.

It has a round finish and nice edges as well as slide proofing so no one falls down.

It has been fixed with holes in the floor and in the wall so it’s going no where.

We really love is it matches the rest of the room perfectly.

As for the hanging plates, due to the move to the boat, I ended up with two Hultet dishes which I could not fit in anywhere. But I needed storage in the kitchen. We drilled 3 holes at the edges and secured the knots by melting the nylon rope used to hang them.

It works perfectly for veggies, fruit and bread.

See more of the Capita stairs and hanging bamboo plate. (links no longer available)

~ Tina