Jansjö LED Bedside Reading Light


Materials: Two Jansjö clamp spotlights

The clamp spot was not stable enough for me.
For each adjustment he slipped. So I opted for a fixed installation.
1. To this end, I first drilled out the axle.
2. At the upper part of the clip I cut the unnecessary portion.
3. The real secret is the angle shown. It’s originated from an aluminum profile with 25 x 40 mm leg length. First, a hole of 10 mm diameter is drilled. With the hacksaw two slots are cut to the hole. Please straighten the whole thing with a file.
3. Insert the clamp spot and drill two holes through aluminum angle and clamp. Connect with two M4 screws.
4. Then drill two holes on the long side of the angle and tighten the screws behind the bed.
5. Fix the switch with a Tesa powerstrip and wrap the bracket with adhesive tape. This protects your fingers from the sharp edges of the angle when switching.
6. Have fun while reading your books in bed!

Jansjoe_01 Jansjoe_02 Jansjoe_03 Jansjoe_04 Jansjoe_05 Jansjoe_06 Jansjoe_07 Jansjoe_08 Jansjoe_09 Jansjoe_10 Jansjoe_11