Mobile standing desk from Lerberg shelf

lerberg desk

Materials: Lerberg shelf black 10035

I was looking without success for an affordable yet minimalist standing desk (I live in an apartment and I frequently work from home). Then the thought came to me to hack an IKEA item and so I found the Lerberg shelf in IKEA to be just the right height for my 5’7” frame.


The Lerberg shelf has 4 shelf spaces of differing depths, the smallest on top and the largest at the bottom. For the purpose of this description, let’s name the shelves 1 to 4 from smallest to largest.

I kept shelves 2 and 4 the way they were. In the case of my standing desk, shelf 2 was to be where my laptop and writing space would sit. Shelf 4 would serve as a foot rest.

I swapped shelf 1 to where shelf 3 would be and swung it down and to the back. It was important to sacrifice this shelf space because it would be where one of my legs will go while standing.

I used shelf 3 at the very top because When I flipped it around and swung it away, it could be used to hold my iPad and other notes at eye level. All that was needed were 2 pieces of shoelace to anchor it to the frame.

To make it less top heavy, I tied weights to the front feet. With this hack I get to work at home and work standing.