Modular scarves shelf


I have a lot of scarves, caps and similar small items. I need to store them in a way that allows me see easily what’s where. And I have two cats who love stealing these things and climb on any hanging fabric, i.e. I can’t really use a regular clothes hanger.

I searched for a super-easy and inexpensive solution that would look good. It turned out I could use rounded boxes as shelves – they’re light, so that I didn’t have to drill into the wall (small nails will do), however the result can still easily hold all the stuff. They’re 3 sets of boxes on the photo, but the system is modular – you can add more sets later to expand the capacity if needed.

– For beginners!

Needed items:
– Kvarnvik storage boxes (or similar – these are made of thick cardboard covered with fabric, and have quite nice pattern inside, i.e. the result is sturdy and looks well)
– something sharp (i.e. a screw) to help you punch holes
– small nails & a hammer


1. Get the Kvarnvik storage boxes in Ikea. Each set consists of 3 boxes with different diameters – get as many sets as you need for your purpose.


2. Remove the lids and put them aside. Use anything sharp to drill a tiny hole (just enough for the nail head to get through) at the edge of the den of each box. I’ve used a sharp screw for this purpose.

Hint – if you use Kvarnvik boxes or any similar with a pattern inside, you may want to make sure that all will hang in the same direction (i.e. the hole needs to be in the same place).


3. Drive small nails into the wall (one for each “shelf”) and hang the boxes on the wall just like you’d hang pictures. I recommend that you try the layout on the floor first.

4. Insert your scarves, gloves, caps, …


5. Done! You can use the lids e.g. as letter/key trays.