RIBBA frame + DIODER LED multi-use lighting = decorative night lights

Moved into a new flat. In humid Singapore, me and my wife decide to install 2 gi’normous ceiling fans in our living room. Our light switches are then afixed in the middle of our living room. Problem comes in when we want to leave the house in the dark. Tripping hazard aplenty. And we dont have the necessary funds to run and conceal new wires. So this is what I came up with after 56 hours of brainstorming.


This will be my intended staging area. It is actually a recessed area that houses my Distribution panel, Fibre Optic Network Terminal and an electric socket, enclosed by these wooden doors like a real wooden cupboard. The switch on the left is only for my ceiling fan, no way about it.


The RIBBA Frames had their glasses removed to:

1) lighten the weight of the frame

2) allow for installation of the Dioder LEDs.

3) I am able to change and put in whatever pictures I want without removing the frames.

The RIBBA Frames’ backboards were drilled with a 4mm drillbit to create a hole to run the electrics and afixed onto the cupboard doors with simple 3M mounting tape. (The doors are similarily drilled as well.)

The Dioder is secured onto the frame with a screw supplied by IKEA in the packaging.

The switch is placed on the left of the lowest frame, nearest to the door, which would be easily accessed by me and my wife.