$25 KURA lighting mini-hack

led 3
led main

Materials: KURA bed (in loft position)

We recently purchased a KURA bed when our four-year-old wanted a loft. She loves it, and especially likes to relax in the area underneath with her toys. It was a little dark under there, though, and her dad came up with a way to add some neat lighting that was versatile, easily applied and didn’t run too hot.

He purchased an adhesive LED roll from Amazon for around $23USD. The roll was self-adhesive and stuck to the underside of the KURA extremely well. It wrapped around almost the entire underside of the bed, coming up only about a foot short, and looks very low-profile and clean.

led 1
led 4

led 2

The brilliance of the light is excellent, but as far as our daughter is concerned, the best feature is the wireless remote that allows her to change colors or let them cycle through different patterns. It’s fixed to the leg of the KURA with a little bit of adhesive Velcro ($2 or $3 USD). It’s only a small, inexpensive change, but the result is really dramatic!