HACKAS CD Tower into 3 table lamps


Recently I organised my whole CD and DVD collection into binders to save a lot of space. Then I was thinking it would be a shame to trash such a nice CD tower. I decided to turn it into 3 table lamps.

Material required:
– Hackas CD tower
– Sparsam 20W bulb, electrical cable with power switch and a bulb socket
– crepe paper
– fast glue and a wood-paper glue

Tools required:
– screwdriver
– flex (angle grinder)
– jigsaw

First, I cut the CD tower into 3 equal parts, the wooden part with jigsaw, and the metal column using a flex. I kept the metal column slightly shorter then the wooden part. Then I drilled holes in the columns to attach the wooden part.

DSC_4379 DSC_4378

Inside of the wooden part I glued a crepe paper, which has a nice texture and just the right transparency to create a nice ambient light. You could also experiment with different paper colors.

DSC_4377 DSC_4328 DSC_4310

Using a fast glue I attached a bulb to the metal column with a short cut of the column in between, so that the bulb was situated in the center of the lamp, connected the cable and put all parts together.