Hackers Help: Will my DVDs fit in this BESTA shelving unit if I add doors to it?

besta-shelf-unit-height-extension-unit__0140755_PE300756_S4 besta-shelf-unit-height-extension-unit__0258803_PE403279_S4

I’m looking at get a shelving unit for my DVDs. I’ve pretty much settled on getting 2 of these BESTAs.

And I’m thinking of getting 2 of these doors to go on them.

But will adding those doors prevent me from being able to put DVDs where the door fittings go? The dimensions of the individual shelves you can buy separately for it (INREDA) say they are 16cm deep, and it looks like the fittings would take at least 1cm off that.

DVDs are about 13 cm deep, so there would be room in theory for the fittings and the DVDs to go right next to the fittings.

But on the product page, it shows an image of a unit with lots of DVDs in it, and they look *really* close to the edge of the shelf.

I was thinking about getting 1 of these instead. But then with that, would you be able to see the DVDs very well? I don’t think so, as it is 40cm deep, twice that of the shallower units.

Photo credit: IKEA.com