IKEA Antonius multi-tiered hi-fi rack


Hi everyone, just wanted to share with you an ikea hack I made few weeks ago: I always wanted to have an Hifi rack, but all those I found on the internet were horrible (70-80ies style, if you know what I mean) and terribly expensive.

Then I started wondering if I could make one myself, and the Ikea Antonius shelves caught my attention: as you can see, there are 3 Ikea Antonius racks (30 euros in total), a new set of wheels (15 euros: they need to be big, otherwise the whole structure would collapse under the weight) and several wooden boards that I bought in a local hardware store (50 euros).


The boards aren’t glued nor screwed: I simply made them slide in the rack. This way I can remove them as I please, replacing them with new ones or if I simply want to clean them.

At the bottom, I screwed a thick board to the Antonius rack (where the original small wheels were supposed to be): the new big wheels are fixed to this board.

Comments are welcome!