Ikea Uplight Christmas Tree

3 base 4 ornaments 2 top

Materials: Old IKEA uplight from the 1990s (we have 2 of those couldn’t find their name)

made of reed, jute string and white paper tape
– attach a loop of string around the neck of the uplight, with already 4 long strings (floor length) attached to it
– create hoops of reed directly around the base of the tree. tape each with paper tape.make as many as you wish. start with the smallest one and increase size each time, leaving a space of 3 inches from the previous hoop.
– start from the smallest hoop: bring it to the top, and attach it with the strings with knots spaced by quarters. do the same thing for all the hoops in order of size, attaching them lower everytime by about 5 inches.
– add extra strings in between if you feel that your hoops are not stable enough.

made mostly of draft paper and used giftwraps (tissue paper, cardboard & ribbons) that we have been keeping over the years; the ties are made with cotton thread from our sewing kit.
any technique you wish: origami, celtic knots, cut-out shapes, garlands, etc.

3. POLE:
tape some white draft paper around the base of the pole.
find a large ribbon, tape it to the base, and wrap around upwards until the look pleases you, and tape at the top with paper tape (I stopped below the knob).

Happy Holidays ! ! !