Multistorey Cat Litter Box


I wanted a cat litter box that combined the best of:
– Top entry to prevent litter escaping
– Forcing the cat to walk over a mat to prevent tracking
– Hinged door to reduce smell

My solution was a multi-storey cat litter box which has a cat flap at the top, a shelf, and a mat.

– BESTA Cupboard (60cm tall)
– RILL Casters
Staywell Cat Flap
– Cat litter box
– Cat litter mat


1) Cut a u-shaped hole at the top of the side panel of your BESTA cupboard to fit the cat flap. A jigsaw is useful, but I was able to do this with just a drill and tenon saw.

2) Install your cat flap.

3) Cut another u-shaped hole in the BESTA shelf, about half way, being careful to leave enough room around the holes that mount the shelf.

4) Put together your BESTA cupboard.

5) Add casters if you want it to be able to move it around.

6) Double sided tape down a cat litter mat on the shelf to prevent tracking, and put in your cat litter box.