Hackers Help: Stop rattling noise in OLOV legs…

linnmon olov standing desk

Hello Ikea Hackers!

I recently put together a standing desk using a small LINNMON table top and OLOV legs – which is great but is still a little short so I added some non-Ikea 7″ bed risers (I know blasphemy!) and it’s working quite nicely, save one problem. The legs rattle when the desk is bumped. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this rattling noise? It appears it is due to the spring inside the leg and the noise echoing through the tube that makes up the leg. I record voice overs from a home studio and it works perfectly space wise and height wise, but the noise is unfortunate and I really need to stop it if I want to be able to touch the desk while recording. Any thoughts would be immensely helpful!