Hacker help: How to maximize space in this room?


Materials: ??

Description: Hi all, as you can see I’m an Ikea buyer from the study tables to the shelves. However, these items are pretty worn out and I need new ones. At the same time, my room is so tiny yet it has to fit my sister and my beds and study tables. I’m very stressed out and confined to designs such as a bunk bed, because of the ceiling fan and the large wardrobe that cannot be removed by rule of my parents. My sister and I have a desire for L shaped desks like the micke corner workstation. I’m considering hacking the loft bed for us to put our many bags. Also, we want to have at least a bench or some sort by the window so we can chill. And the current bed layout makes it difficult for me to open my wardrobe.

Please help I’m desperate to tears.

I’m starting school in a week and got to get his done by then.

~ Miserable sisters