IRJA Curtain Rod Finials Makeover

irja finial1


We had the $1.50 IKEA curtain rods in our house and didn’t have the money to spend on anything nicer. The round finials weren’t my cup of tea and IKEA does offer cuter ones, but they add up fast. To make them look fancier, we hacked our IRJA rods.
To do so:
– sand the brackets, rods and finials to roughen the existing paint up
– spray paint the brackets, rods and finials with Rustoleum soft iron metallic paint & primer
– cut the stick off of some brown branch ball stems (Hobby Lobby)
– cut the round part of the finial off leaving just the nub that slides into the rod
– glue the brown branch balls onto the finial nubs
– reassemble and hang

irja finial2

~ Danielle