KALLAX Door Corkboard

Step5 - Done Step5 - Finished

Materials: KALLAX Insert with Door; AVSKILD Set of 4 Place Mats

Tools used: Sharp pencil; Sharp modelling knife; Glue
(I used PVA glue but, for a child’s room, something stronger like epoxy will provide more solid layering)

Before KALLAX, there used to be a storage unit with an adaptable door.
I wanted to add a Cork Board to the back of an ‘Insert with door’; the AVSKILD mats are just the right size.
Of course, to achieve proper depth, I had to create a layered (laminated) board.

I started by marking out the mat against the back of the unit, and using a 2nd mat to mark a matching curve on the original. [Although not completed, the result shows this would still work]

Step1 - Mark curve
Step1a- mark width
Step1a- plus curve

I conceived adding one to the door instead – the result would be ‘square’, so I could use the 2nd mat to complete ALL corners. The edge of the 2nd mat (which would become an offcut for the next layer) provided a template to cut round.

Step2 - use offcut

Spread with glue, this was fixed ‘squarely'[!] onto the door and allowed to dry.
(I cut the handle hole through the board and refitted it to properly compress the cork)

Step3 - spread glue
Step4 - 1  Layer

Cutting the 2nd mat and adding as a 2nd layer gave the Corkboard sufficient depth, but I had to shave the hinge edge to allow the door to open properly.
(For a back-of-KALLAX-Insert Cork Board, a depth of 3xAVSKILD mats would work, without shaving required)

Step5 - Done
Step5 - Interior

PS. I also amended the inside of the door into a key storing/sorting arrangement.