Modern Transfer Print Art

wall art

I purchased a frosted glass closet doors for $10 to apply a transfer print. I selected a photo from my portfolio and got a large print made at Fed Ex Print. Be sure to include 1/2-3/4 inch of margin. The transfer medium tends to wrinkle the paper a bit so it seems to shrink.

I used Omni Gel for the transfer. For a project so large, this took 2 bottles of the transfer medium. I applied the transfer medium with a nylon paint brush in 3 layers, allowing each layer to dry. The first was the thickest using a horizontal, vertical, diagonal approach and added some reinforcement around the edges.

To manage the next step I cut the print into 4 pieces to reassemble later on. Soak the paper in water for about 15 minutes and gently peel the paper off. After the print dried, I cleaned the glass and laid down a layer of the transfer medium to the back side of the glass door and applied the print, reassembling the pieces. I used a squeegee and a roller to smooth out bubbles and carefully used a utility knife to flatten out some stuck ones. I hung the finished print on the wall using 2 of the original hinge.


Ikea glass door
Print to transfer
Omni Gel Transfer Medium
Paint brush
Utility Knife