Rast Dresser Turned Apothecary Chest


Materials: RAST dresser

When I created the concept for my tool closet makeover, I knew I needed small drawers to hold all the small screws and bits required for a well-outfitted tool closet. The idea of apothecary chest immediately came to mind. I would’ve liked to have found the real deal at a flea market, but since I didn’t, I built them myself. To complete the “wall” of apothecary drawers in my tool closet, I made over this Ikea Rast dresser to finish the look.

This is a fairly quick hack as you don’t need to wait for the paints and stain to dry in between layers. There are a few steps, but you’ll find that it all goes pretty fast once you get into the rhythm.

You will need:
1 Rast Dresser
Dark base paint color
White or light highlight paint color
Gray semi-transparent stain
Paint brush
1 Nail or screw or Philips screwdriver
Black Sharpie
18- Drawer pulls with label holders


The full tutorial is outlined on my site.