Simple, sleek and easy side table from MOLGER tiles


Materials: Two MOLGER bathroom floor decking tiles

We needed a small, simple table to go next to our IKEA POANG chair. Not finding anything small enough. We landed on using two MOLGER wood floor decking tiles designed for bathrooms.

We used one tile as the table top. The only modification needed was to remove the rubber feet on each corner of the underside of the tile.


From the hardware store, we bought 1-inch square dowels and cut them down to use them as legs. We attached them to the underside of the table top with angle braces. Not the most elegant solution, but quick and easy.

The most involved part was cutting the second MOLGER tile at each corner so it could be used as a shelf. I aligned the end of the square dowel leg with each corner of the tile, traced it with a pencil and used a saw to cut out the square notch so that the tile would fit inside the four legs. To support the shelf I glued short lengths of a smaller square dowel to the inside of the legs to act as ledges or cleats for the shelf to rest on. Very simple table good for light duty. And the total cost was less than $30. Hard to beat.