Testing … testing … 1, 2, 3, … 98

Hi everyone!

If the site is looking different from usual, that’s because I am doing some layout testing. This system, using their fancy pants algorithms, will automatically serve different layouts to readers till they land on the most optimized one. So what that means it that IKEAhackers may look a little different (or not) every time you come visit. Don’t worry it’s not permanent.



Same, same but different

The basic HACKS, IDEAS, HACKERS HELP and JULES sections will remain, just the peripheral stuff like colour, search buttons, ad placement.  The whole point is to arrive at a layout that provides a better user experience. The first few weeks would probably see more variations till a winning layout emerges. So hang in there.


Or if you have further feedback or concerns on the tests, please do shoot me an email.


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