Billy Bookcase for Stairs Landing

Billy Bookcase for Stairs Landing

Materials: 3 x BILLY bookcases

At the top of my stairs landing I had a little bit of space where I wanted to put a bookcase. I bought a couple of small Billy units but they were too high for the space and just didn’t look right.

Billy Bookcase for Stairs Landing

I cut the height down of the 3 bookcase to match the height of the stair rail and reduced the width of the middle unit to fit the space.

pic 3

pic 4

I also had to cut the side of the unit to fit against the profile of the stair upright.

Obviously when cutting the sides of the unit the top of the sides were unfinished so I bought a top from the local diy shop to fit on top.

pic 6

Although it has a built in look it is all freestanding and can be removed easily to return the landing to how it was.

All that is left to do is finish the board on the top of the units. On the back of the units I placed a board across the spindles so it just looks blocked in.

Jules Yap