Brutal Tarva

Tarva ala Lane Brutal

Materials: Tarva Tall Chest of Drawers

We wanted to match a Tarva to our 1970’s Lane Brutal bedroom set. Here’s what we did:

1. Assemble Tarva without the drawer pulls.
2. Cut pine planks in 2 widths/depths in rectangles and squares to create the pattern making sure that these pieces fit on the drawer face and do not hang over.
3. Sand the cut pieces of pine and arrange in a pattern matching our existing furniture on the drawer faces.
4. Use liquid nails to affix pine pieces; once they had dried overnight, pieces were secured with a nail gun. Using the adhesive kept them from slipping.
5. Stain the piece (we used 2 coats of mahogany, one coat of black).
6. Polyurethane the piece for protection.

Very easy to do, and it matches our furniture perfectly! I’m already planning to do a headboard.