Built In PAX Mudroom Storage

Mudroom Storage
Mudroom Storage

Materials: HEMNES Hooks, PAX wardrobe and BERGSBO doors

Basic Approach:

1) Build a 2×4 base to anchor the PAX wardrobe (note, the base should sit back 4 inches from the front of the wardrobe, to provide a kick space for your feet, when you open the door – similar to your kitchen cabinets).
2) Build a header (a vertical board) to tie the top of the cabinet to your ceiling. The height of this will vary, depending on your ceiling height.
3) Install bead board paneling to one side of your wardrobe.
4) Install 2 1×6 finish boards to provide a strong backing for your coat hooks
5) Install 2×4 cleats on top of the paneling (the cleats should be the same height above the floor as the legs you install on the next step) to provide support for the mud bench top
6) Install a birch plywood mud bench top, screwed into the cleats. Install ready made chair legs (Home Depot of Lowes) for support along the front

Mudroom Storage

7) Add a trim piece along the front of the birch plywood, to finish the rough edge (can be moulding or a simple 1×2
8) Install baseboard trim around entire assembly
9) Install crown moulding along the entire assembly
10) Paint all wood a white semi gloss, to match the PAX wardrobe.
11) Install BERGSBO door and HEMNES Hooks

sopo cottage foyer

Here is a blog post with drawings and photos.