DIY a Stunning Gold Bookcase for Under $52

Vittsjo gold bookcase


1 Vittsjo bookcase
4 8′ lengths of 3/4″ screen molding
Loctite Power Grab adhesive
Bright orange spray paint/primer
Rustoleum hammered gold spray paint
You will need to have a saw or a friend with a chop saw to cut the molding




First, I assembled the book shelf, leaving the glass shelves aside for installation at the end.
Next I measured and cut the lengths of screen molding. I cut them one at a time
I used the Loctite adhesive to put each piece into place before I cut the next length so I knew I always had the right direction of 45 degree angle because the screen molding has a right side and wrong side
Once all the wood pieces were in place and the adhesive had set I sprayed the entire piece a BRIGHT orange. I found that the gold paint on the black looked dull but if I put a bright, warm color on first I had a warmer gold finish.
Next, I sprayed the entire thing with the hammered gold paint (always follow the directions on your paint or other materials)
I put the shelf into place inside the house and then added the gold shelves

See tutorial.

Here is a link to the video tutorial.

Jules Yap