Gnedby under stairs storage


under stairs storage under stairs storage

I already had at home a piece of IKEA furniture (model Gnedby) used as a library.

I still had to cover a gap between the fridge and the cupboard, so I decided to buy another Gnedby.

I set to use only the fasteners provided in the IKEA Gnedby kit:

– First of all I sawed the side boards in the sizes I needed. (At some point you will see the cut but being internal parts I let it go)

– In the second part I made the holes for the lock tab;


I used a suitable drill bit and to try to maintain the correct measurements, I drilled, from side to side, a tablet prepunched (one of the central ones) in order to use it as a template for the other holes.

Then, for the holes where the pins were inserted, I used the same distances of the IKEA elements.

Eventually I put the whole thing and I added a bit of glue to secure.

Obviously, the projecting part of the cabinet is supported on two pins inserted in the wall, also because I have filled it of books.

This is the result !!!

Jules Yap